Although they are already technically dead, they do still need a little care from you to help them stay looking great for as long as possible!

Over time it is natural for your arrangement to naturally fade, lose colour and break.

Follow these simple steps to keep your dried flowers looking amazing for as long as possible!

1. Do not water!

2. Handle them very carefully. Dried flowers are very delicate and can naturally break easily.

3. Keep them in an indoor, dry environment (no bathrooms!) and out of wind so they don’t go mouldy.

4. Keep them out of direct sunlight, so they keep their colour!

5. To eliminate dust, use a hair dryer on low speed and “no heat” to avoid damaging them.

6. If you wish to store your dried flowers, keep the box it came in! Wrap in tissue paper (not plastic!) and gently place it in the box without squashing it.

TIP: Pack some cedar or mothballs to keep bugs from damaging them!


At RIVER BOTANICS we aim to be different from the others. In 2020 along the Onkaparinga River in South Australia, an idea was born. We established our new garden to grow our own flowers and produce for our new brand, and RIVER BOTANICS came to life. We aim to lessen our negative effects on the environment every step of the way, from seed to customer. Growing our own produce ensures we lessen our carbon footprint and the amount of transport needed to create our products.

Dried and preserved flowers are a sustainable option to fresh flowers. They are so unique, beautiful and they are also a lot more cost effective and there is far less wastage! Unfortunately the flower industry is very wasteful, where truck loads of spoiled fresh flowers end up in landfill DAILY.

Helping to look after our planet doesn’t mean we can't enjoy beautiful flowers! Investing in dried flower arrangements look just as great if not better, and can last for many years when cared for properly!

At RIVER BOTANICS we recycle everything we possibly can. We aim to use sustainable packaging options in place of plastics and non-biodegradable materials as we endeavor to reduce as much wastage as possible and the amount of product that goes into landfill.

In place of stickers, where they are non-biodegradable and easy to just throw away, we support our local small business and friends at WANDERING ENGRAVER (www.wanderingengraver.com.au) to produce our special RIVER BOTANICS wooden tags for our products. We want our brand to be memorable and not so throw-away, so our tags are designed to suit and stay on our products for the duration of their life. We're also into supporting other local businesses as much as possible.

We hope you love your new RIVER BOTANICS unique pieces as much as we do!